Guess What!

I’m so excited to share that I’m now certified to teach prenatal yoga! You might remember that I took Blooma’s prenatal yoga teacher training back in November. While I was in MN for the holidays I was able to complete my observation hours at Blooma, which was a wonderful opportunity!


In addition to renewing my own yoga routine (!), I’m also weaving yoga and more movement into my doula support and childbirth classes. Whether you practice yoga in your every day life and want to bring that practice with you into pregnancy and labor or you’re just looking to add more movement and awareness of you body to your birth, I will help you incorporate that in ways that work best for you. Having an understanding of how the body moves and changes with pregnancy and labor and cultivating the ability to push your limits and find your edge is so important as you start your pregnancy journey. I’m also hoping to add more posts here about yoga and movement during pregnancy and birth.

I’m also so excited to announce that I will be working and teaching at the wonderful new yoga studio and perinatal wellness center, Haumea, that’s opening in Sun Prairie this February. I will be working at the front desk (so come say hi!) and I will be teaching a demo class sometime this spring. Please stay tuned for that schedule!

Thank you so much for your support! Have a wonderful weekend!

Maggie Mehr