What I'm Reading


What I’m reading:

The Wonder Weeks by Frans X Plooij and Hetty Van de Rijt

As I start rolling out my postpartum services, I’m reading everything I can get my hands on. This books maps out the developmental stages of your baby and how to cope with and encourage them.

What I’m learning:

Where do I start?! This is opening a whole new world for me.

The most fascinating thing that I’ve learned is that there are observable patterns in the ways every baby makes development leaps. These leaps look very similar and happen at very similar times in all babies. And each leap is preceded by a predictable “fussy period,” exacerbated by the confusion babies feel when their world changes. The fact that I can reassure my families that their suddenly fussy baby won’t stay that way forever and give them tools to cope during that time is so exciting.

One note, I am reading an older version of the book that uses very gendered language. I am waiting on the newest edition at the library that promises to be more inclusive, but my initial concerns remain. Stay tuned!

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