Birth Affirmations


Birth affirmations are inspiring ideas, words or images that remind you of your abilities, values and convictions in birth. Maybe you’ve seen some floating around on Instagram or Pinterest. Many of them remind you that you are strong and capable, that birth is natural and that it’s important to relax. But birth affirmations can really be anything that resonates with you! Some people don’t like being reminded to relax. Some people find traditional affirmations to fluffy. It’s up to you! I have a doula friend who painted her own birth affirmations for the birth of her sons (she’s an extremely talented artist) and one said “My vagina is huge!” It makes me smile every time I think about it.

So, if the idea of birth affirmations speaks to you, take some time to think about what would make you feel safe, focused and determined during birth. Poke around on YouTube for birth affirmation compilations or Instagram. I’ve shared a few links below that you might find helpful as well!

I show this video in my mindfulness class

A lovely list of ideas.

Maggie Mehr