What I'm Reading


What I’m reading:

Work. Pump. Repeat. by Jessica Shortall

This book was recommended to me by a dear client after she read it in preparation for going back to work. I’m so glad I took her recommendation because this has been a wonderful read!

What I’m learning:

What an amazing resource!? I’m only into the first few chapters, but this is already proving to be a concise, amusing guide to going back to work and breastfeeding. It’s judgement-free and down-to-earth. I love how it has practical tips for storing breastmilk in the freezer (freeze the bags flat and then file them by date in a shoebox!) and for transferring pumped milk to a bag (use the pump flange as a funnel!). I can’t wait to finish it!

One note: Jessica gives a disclaimer about using gendered language for ease of writing, and I professionally think it’s a bit of a cop-out. But I still think the information in the book is helpful no matter your infant feeding plans.

Maggie Mehr