Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash
“Maggie was so wonderful to work with! ...She made my husband and I feel supported at every step of the way. We were fortunate to work with Maggie both as a doula and as our childbirth class instructor. In both contexts...she shared information frankly and without judgement.

...I was experiencing repeated preterm labor. She helped us navigate the possibility of a premature birth and NICU stay, encouraging us to prioritize what was most important to us amidst change and stress.

When the big day finally came (full term!), Maggie, my husband, my doctor, and the...nurse worked together as a fantastic team. I distinctly remember the way Maggie helped my husband to be his best self in supporting me. We highly recommend Maggie to anyone looking for doula services!”
— Ellen N.
“Maggie listened intently to how I hoped to manage the birth of my son and asked me questions that helped me clarify the support I needed. Then the unexpected happened...I went in for a version procedure and was informed I had HELLP Syndrome and the baby would need to be delivered within the next few hours via cesarean. Maggie immediately recognized my rising anxiety. She...helped me focus on what was going right with this new birth scenario. ...She stayed with me, my husband and our new son until we were settled in...post surgery. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have coped without her emotional support.

She has given me emotional support when I felt I wasn’t a capable mother, companionship when I felt isolated at home, and suggestions when I had challenges with things like breastfeeding. Maggie’s postpartum support varied with my needs. If a nap was my priority..., she would care for my son. If I wanted cuddle time with my little man, Maggie would dive into folding the laundry,...or chopping vegetables. (She makes a delicious guacamole!) Maggie has been amazing with my son. It was Maggie who noticed that he struggles with transitions and then gave me strategies to help him. I am so grateful for Maggie’s support as I settled into motherhood!”
— Sarah S.